There are many factors that determine the value of a work of art and Constance Kamens Fine Art has the ability and the resources to assess this value. We can provide the general market conditions and those for specific works; do the necessary research regarding authenticity and provenance; help in making a thematic collection, or buying works that "make sense" together.

Whether or not a collector is looking at privately owned works for sale, visiting galleries, or buying at auction, we check historical information, provenance and any existing condition issues. If buying at auction, sometimes inexperienced and even experienced collectors can get carried away in the auction environment. We will help our clients make informed choices regardless of how the art is purchased.

Constance Kamens Fine Art LLC was established in 1978, specializing in modern and contemporary painting, drawing, sculpture and photography. Working in both the primary and secondary market, Constance Kamens Fine Art LLC sells to both museums and collectors, advises on the formation and/or selling of individual works of art and entire collections; provides consultations on buying and selling privately and through public auctions, offers museum donation advice and curatorial recommendations including restoration, framing, installation and collection management.